GELATO 2 artisan ice cream display case

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Standard equipment

• Indoor freezing unit
• Ventilated cooling system
• Painted steel outer shell - available in different colors
• Stainless steel interior
• Eco-friendly polyurethane foam insulation
• Acid resistant stainless steel insulating countertop with holes for tubular containers
• Glass platform with straight front glass
• Upper interior lighting - LED light (pastry color)
• Automatic defrosting
• Automatic evaporation of condensate
• Electronic temperature controller with digital display
• Alarm that warns about impurities in the condenser or blockage of the fan operation


• Stainless steel outer casing
• Acid resistant stainless steel outer casing ice cream scoop scrubber
• Ice cream scoop washer with tubular front shelf flow system towards the customer in stainless steel tubular ice cream bucket with lid (0 200mm) electronic temperature recorder + software temperature recorder cable (RS232-USB)

Height (mm) 1300 mm
Width (mm) varias medidas
Depth (mm) 1220 mm

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