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    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E

    Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E

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    Dishwashers industrial tunnel RK1010E for hotels. Dishwasher basket 50x50 tunnel for bar, restaurant and hotel.

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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      The RK Compact range dishwashers are designed to meet the typical productivity needs of small and medium-sized restaurants, combining a small size with high performance.

      The new RK 1010E never stops surprising you! The direction of travel and the accessories, in a short time and with simple operations, can be arranged and mounted on both sides of the machine, offering multiple solutions. RK 1010E is the practical answer for fast delivery, with the benefits of being compact.


      • Stainless steel radiated tanks.
      • Vertical self-cleaning washing pumps with protection against electrical overloads.
      • Drag system with built-in clutch, which prevents derailment.
      • AISI 304 stainless steel boilers, insulated to reduce thermal dispersion.
      • Simple and intuitive touch screen with IP65 security level and low voltage manufactured with a pressure control panel to facilitate cleaning.
      • Stainless steel wash and rinse arms, removable without the use of tools. Designed to favor ordinary cleaning and facilitate the change of direction of RK 1010E.
      • Stainless steel tank protection filters, easily removable without removing the washing arms, to keep the water cleaner and free of food residues.
      • Insulated double-walled door, counterbalanced and equipped with an anti-fall system.
      • Dual speed built-in clutch drag system. The option with “inverter” is available to vary the speed depending on individual needs.
      • Autotimer that deactivates the drive motor and the options after a preset period of inactivity, in order to reduce consumption.
      • Economizers, to allow operation only in the presence of the basket in the same specific area, specific to avoid wasting water and energy.
      • Integrated pressure reducer that sets the water pressure and guarantees optimal rinsing.
      • Anti-contamination valve that blocks the reflux of water in the water network, avoiding contamination in the event of an external depression.
      • Drying (4.5Kw) in line or in a 90° mechanized curve that uses a powerful jet of preheated air to guarantee perfect drying of the dishes (Optional, consult for more information).
      • The disinfection system includes the dispenser of disinfection products for cleaning and maintenance of the machine at the end of the work day (Optional, consult for more information).
      • Heat recovery, if the boiler is fed with cold water (loading at the beginning of the day must always be done with hot water). This device recovers and reuses the heat produced by the machine to preheat the incoming cold water (Optional, consult for more information).


      • Baskets/hour: 70 / 100
      • Power supply: 400V 3N ~ 50Hz
      • Basket dimensions: 500 x 500
      • Noise at 1m (dB): 66.2
      • Dimensions (mm): 1080 x 715 x 1565 / 1900 H


      • Wash pump (kW): 0.9
      • Working temperature (ºC): 55
      • Vat capacity (litres): 80
      • Heating (kW - kg / h): 9


      • Water consumption (lt / h - kPa): 200
      • Heating (kW - kg / h): 12
      • Boiler capacity (litres): 28.5
      • Total power (kW): 23
      • Working temperature (ºC): 85


      • Length (mm): 500
      • Fan (kW): 0.25
      • Capacity (m3 / h): 570
      • Heating (kW - kg / h): 4.5


      • Fan power (kW): 0.05
      • Absolute humidity (gv / kga): 28
      • Capacity (m3 / h): 340

      Data sheet

      Width (mm)
      720 mm
      Depth (mm)
      735 mm
      50 x 50
      Height (mm)
      1444 mm

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      Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E
      Industrial dishwashers Tunnel

      Industrial dishwashers Tunnel KROMO RK1010E

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