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Adjustable electronic thermostat with constant digital indication.

Electronic sensors hidden from manipulation.

Drainage provided without angles to facilitate cleaning of the milled tank.

Sliding doors for easy removal and cleaning.

Vitrified glass lid that resists shocks, erosion, acids and conventional detergents.

Preservation at 2 ° C to 6 ° C in the "food zone".

Silent hermetic compressor with double Danfoss turbo condenser.

High quality ventilated well with a capacity of 4.6 gastronorm trays 1/3 -. 40 iNOX AISI included

All models are available with

Flat tank Built in stainless steel and tempered glass.

HIGH POWER LEDS lighting system art.

Compact models, without installation with adjustable legs.


Dimensions: 1320 x 380 x 225 mm

tempered glass: Yes

GN 1/3 lower tray. 40: 6 und

+ 2 ° C to + 6 ° C

Led: Yes

The display of products in the hospitality industry is everything, in fact, many people tend to be impressed by seeing them and it attracts their attention. In the case of the tapas cabinet it is something very similar, these are seen in ice cream parlors, but in many restaurants or bars they are just as common. So when it comes to selling it to a person they are one of the most striking, in addition to giving a very hygienic presence and not hiding anything.

The tapas showcase are exhibitors in which you can place different foods to have them in view of the customer. These elements are usually quite large and also have their own refrigerator. This in order not to let the food spoil, scare off insects or not let them enter and of course keep it cold or hot depending on what the food in question needs, it is a very useful display case.

It is not common to find this product for sale, but from Maquinaria Bar Hostelería we offer you a wide variety of tapas display cabinets, they are the most sought after. They are of different aspects, temperatures and of course varied specifications that you may like more or less. On our website you can find and choose a brand that is of your preference depending on the type of technical data sheet you are looking for in the product.

The price is something that tends to slow down some customers, but you don't have to worry about this. Thanks to Bar Hostelería machinery you can get the best prices, through the website you can see the different costs that each product has. In this way you will have a range of choices in which with the help of an expert you will be able to choose the best appliance on the market, this would be a huge leap in quality in your company.

The lid display case also needs maintenance, it is not very often. Every year or every 6 months you could do it, of course this is optional, but it will extend the life of the product more than many think. Another way to achieve the preservation of this type of appliances is by having your employees handle them perfectly, so they will not make mistakes that damage the product.

In addition, that hygiene is one of the fundamental aspects that distinguish this type of display cabinets. Therefore, it is inevitable not to clean it every day, change the food, among other health rules. Thanks to Maquinaria Bar Hostelería you will get the best prices, as well as incredible quality in each of their products. Offering products with spectacular performance is our specialty.

From Maquinarias Bar Hostelería we care about the well-being of our client, for this reason we offer products such as showcases, exhibitors and appliances through the internet. The online route is the most reliable to avoid some contagion of the virus that stalks our planet, the best thing is to stay at home, sheltered and calm. We work with shipments throughout the country, depending on the company you contact.

Height (mm) 245 mm
Width (mm) varias medidas
Depth (mm) 395 mm
Weight (kg) 35 kg
Tipo vitrina Refrigerada

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