Showcases Self-Service Hot Sahara

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Interior removable for cleaning
Front and rear doors for self-service

Crumb tray High Power LEDs
Made of steel AISI 304

Digital Control
SHM strong>
Dimensions: 500 x 350 x 230 mm Type
heat: Dry
rear and front doors: 1
Power: 400 W
Temperature: 60 ° C
Digital: No
Led: No

SHS6 strong>
Dimensions: 1190 x 395 x 245
heat mm Type: Dry
front and rear doors: 2
Power: 800 W
Temperature: 90 ° C
Digital: If
Led: No

SHS6L strong>
Measures:1190 x 395 x 245 mm Type
heat: Dry
front and rear doors 2
power: 800 W Temperature
: 90 ° C
Digital: If
Led: If

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