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Industrial dome dishwasher 35 liters with HY-NRG system and digital controls

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  • Digital control panel.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Double wall with thermal and acoustic insulation (less than 69 dBA).
  • Vertical washing pump with self-emptying, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and washing efficiency.
  • Independent wash and rinse arms.
  • Double interchangeable and easily removable filter.
  • Adjustable peristaltic rinse aid dispenser.
  • Equipment: 2 baskets of dishes / 1 basket of glasses.
  • Drain pump or optional power increase (consult for more information).


Rinsing pump, break tank and atmospheric boiler.

The washing process, temperatures and pressures are managed by the innovative HY-NRG system and combined with the dosing of chemical products. The pressure is controlled by the integrated rinsing pump regardless of the pressure of the external network while the temperature is kept constant throughout the entire phase of the cycle by means of the atmospheric boiler associated with the break tank. The internal pressure booster pump provides the same amount of rinse water in each cycle, constantly at the same pressure. Consequently, the dishwasher is autonomous and is not subject to problems caused by lack of pressure or insufficient temperature due to anomalies in the supply.


  • Dimensions (mm): 655 x 785 x 1500 (1950)
  • Basket Dimensions (mm): 500 x 500
  • Total Power (kw): 11.5 (14.3)
  • Door (H) useful (mm): 405
  • Voltage (V): 3 x 400 / 230
  • Tank capacity (litres): 35.5
  • Boiler capacity (litres): 12
  • Water consumption/cycle (liters): 3
  • Boiler resistance (kw): 10
  • Tank resistance (kw): 4.8
  • Cycle duration: P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4
  • Supply pressure (Kpa): 200 400
  • Net Weight (kg): 123
  • Basket capacity: 18 plates
  • Endowment: 2 plates 1 glasses
Height (mm) 1500 (1950)
Width (mm) 655
Depth (mm) 785
Weight (kg) 123
Cestas 50 x 50

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