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    ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine
    ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine

    ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine

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    ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine, which produces 600 kg of ice per day.

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

      ICE TECH SC machines provide cold and dry flat flake ice.

      The ice has a very nice appearance, in flat flakes that slide over each other and with great cooling capacity for a long time.

      Its applications are very diverse: fishing industry, seaports, fish markets, fish markets and wholesalers, supermarkets, fishmongers, meat and sausage industries, bakeries, pastry shops, vegetable distribution, construction...

      The ICE TECH SC machines are compact, with a generator and a condensing unit on the same bench, so you only have to position it correctly, connect it and start making ice.

      The generator can be supplied on one baseplate and the condensing unit on a different one for remote connection.


      • Flat flake ice, very cold and dry, comes out at an average of -7ºC with a thickness between 1.5-3 mm. Moisture content: 2% (± 2%).
      • Vertical cylindrical evaporator, made of steel and insulation to prevent loss of performance. The inner face is nickel plated. A free-rotating internal screw cuts the thin layer of ice formed on the evaporator wall.
      • Ecological. 100% of the water is used to make ice. Unfrozen water is collected and recirculated back to the start of distribution.
      • The ice production capacity (KG/24H) is shown at room temperature of 21ºC, and water temperature 15ºC.
      • ISO 9001, CE certification.
      • R449A refrigerant
      • Evaporation temperature -22ºC
      • Water inlet Ø=3/4” Gas.
      • Drain connection Ø=21 mm & 8 mm
      • Three-phase 380V-50/60Hz.

      (*) Consult for optional accessories:

      • Brine pump.
      • Ice drop tubes.
      • External stop switch ON/OFF.


      • PRODUCTION (KG/24H): 600
      • MAXIMUM POWER (W): 3300
      • Ø ICE OUTLET (MM): 326
      • NET WEIGHT (KG): 197
      • DIMENSIONS (MM): 1255 x 755 x 835


      DEPOSIT B500

      • STORAGE (KG): 480
      • VOLUME (M3): 0.99
      • NET WEIGHT (KG): 94
      • DIMENSIONS (MM): 1321 x 872 x 1122 (Legs + 160mm)

      BCD 400 DEPOSIT

      • STORAGE (KG): 412
      • VOLUME (M3): 0.85
      • NET WEIGHT (KG): 140
      • DIMENSIONS (MM): 1524 x 1016 x 1520
      B 500

      Data sheet

      Width (mm)
      1524 cm
      Depth (mm)
      1016 cm
      Height (mm)
      1520 cm

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      ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine
      ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine

      ICE TECH SC 600 flake ice machine

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