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showcase refrigerators pescadería indoor unit

static refrigeration coated steel outer body blank (toward service)
front base and coated steel white foam insulation
ecological polyurethane
exposure containers with stainless steel drainage acid proof storage chamber
stainless steel evaporator
painted with powder coating
back door of the storage chamber - openable
stainless steel top
anodized aluminum, silver or gold
inclinable curved front glass
hot air supply to the front glass lamp
fluorescent lighting LED (white)
front stop - choice of color
side isolated plastic ABS-color choice
adjustable leveling device for automatic defrosting

condensate drain legs to the container
electronic temperature controller with digital display
audible alarm warning of impurities in the condenser or fan operation lock

gray granite worktop (thickness: 20mm )
Balmoral granite worktop (thickness: 20mm)
black granite (thickness: 20mm)
lateral insulated plastic ABS-color choice
shelf additional exposure glass
base color - choice of color
stainless steel base
color front panel - choice of color
stainless steel outer body (toward service)
storage chamber stainless acid proof
LED fluorescent lamp (meat)
LED fluorescent lamp (pastry)
additional temperature controller electronic recorder
temperature + software

fused plug cap on the base - choice of color
square illuminated with fluorescent LED on the front panel - option to choose the color methacrylate
front shelf to client (anodized aluminum silver or gold)
glass counter with stainless steel bar for prices
fixed partition (high glass in the exhibition space,of stainless steel sheet in the tank)
temperature recorder cable (RS232-USB)
night diaphragm methacrylate analog thermometer

device with temperature range of -2 ° C to 4 ° C

Height (mm) 1230
Width (mm) 1040
Depth (mm) Varias medidas
Tipo vitrina Refrigerada

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