Open basket for glasses 50 x 50 with hexagonal compartments T-VERSION

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This range of T-VERSION baskets have a size of 50 x 50 with different heights and compartments.
Heights can be classified into the following:

  • Basket height 140 mm / Maximum glass height 122 mm
  • Basket height 181 mm / Maximum glass height 162 mm
  • Basket height 222 mm / Maximum glass height 200 mm
  • Basket height 262 mm / Maximum glass height 240 mm
  • Basket height 302 mm / Maximum glass height 279 mm

And the compartment area we differentiate them in the following models:

  • 12 compartments for glasses with a diameter of 122 mm
  • 20 compartments for glasses with a diameter of 100 mm
  • 30 compartments for glasses with a diameter of 81 mm


  • Designed with 17-30% more capacity for glasses and stemware than traditional baskets.
  • The small side compartments accept cutlery, salt shakers, pots, ...
  • Open profile design allows for top to bottom and side to side washing and drying.
  • Comfortable handling with handles on all four sides.
  • Built-in dividers provide 100% vertical protection of cups and stems.
  • Copolymer highly resistant to chemicals and temperatures up to 95 ºC.
  • Patented system that allows you to close and open the walls of the baskets and extensions easily.

(*) Option of color identification clips to facilitate identification, consult for more information.

Width (mm) 350 mm
Depth (mm) 350 mm

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