Industrial Bread slicer

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• Available in three standard widths -320 mm, 430 mm and 540 mm- and any other special dimension you request.

• We manufacture cutting in any color you choose, to be perfectly integrated into the decor of your establishment. You can even choose the side of the machine on which you prefer we place the lever startup.

• We manufacture each cutter blades with distance between you specify minimum -distance 6mm -. Available blade cutter makes this a silent and vibration equipment.

• Available in both single-phase and three-phase voltage.

• The cutters are certified under current regulations and are traded internationally

WORLDMAI bread slicer is the only 100% customizable.
Tell us about your needs and within 15 days a machine-made tailored just for you will be working in your establishment. . Produced in Spain, maintenance and an unbeatable price measures

MODEL: CZC32 strong>
Cutting width: 320 mm
Alto ramp: 1385 mm
Alto without ramp: 1135 mm Width
490 mm length: 835 mm
Power: 0.5 cv
weight: 140 kg

MODEL: CZC43 strong>
cutting width: 430 mm
Alto ramp: 1385 mm

Height 890 mm
Width Diferentes medidas
Depth 835 mm
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