Vegware Compostable PLA Hinged-Lid Deli Containers

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Improve your green footprint by serving your salads, desserts and deli goods in these Vegware compostable hinged-lid deli containers.
What Are The Environmental Benefits Of These Deli Containers?
The renewable, plant-based material! Because they're made entirely from plant-based PLA, the containers are commercially compostable within 12 weeks after use. Using these containers therefore allows you to divert waste away from landfill and turn your packaging into nutrient-rich compost that's used to grow more plants. The renewable material is also a lot kinder to Earth's natural resources than traditional plastic. So even if you can't send these salad packs to composting facilities, they'll still help to reduce your impact on the planet.
What Else Is Great About The Containers?
The high quality PLA construction is strong and sturdy, ensuring the containers can cope with the demands of commercial use. The hinged lid also creates an effective seal to prevent leaks and preserve the freshness of your food for longer.
Can I Serve Hot Food In The Deli Containers?
The PLA material is safe for use up to 45°C. As such, the containers should only be used to serve cold food-to-go, such as salads, fruit and baked goods.

Product features

  • Material PLA
  • Colour Transparent
  • PLA is a compostable, plant-based alternative to plastic
  • Fully compostable in under 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic
  • Made with sustainable and renewable plant-based materials
  • Emits less carbon during production than plastic alternatives
  • The hinged lid creates an effective seal to preserve freshness and prevent spills
  • The packs are as lightweight and strong as their plastic counterparts
  • Suitable for serving food up to 45°C
  • The packs are not freezer or microwave safe
  • These containers are not widely accepted for recycling
  • Perfect for serving cold salads, desserts, deli treats and fruit
  • Great for use in salad bars and delis
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