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Heat seal
• The standard solution for the packaging of trays, only sealed.
• Ideal for simple applications in hospitality and small gastronomy.
• Compact, easy to use and small size model.
• Molds included, are easy to exchange and place.
• Sealing and cutting of the film in each cycle.

Electric traysealer for food packaging in racks and sealing by heat sealing the film to the rack.
• Compact model of small size for easy location and use.
• Constructed of stainless steel.
• Simultaneous sealing and cutting of the film.
• It has a film recoil braking system that facilitates its use.
• Includes 2 aluminum molds with silicone gasket to hold the racks:
  1 tray per cycle of 192 x 137 mm (external measurements).
  2 trays per cycle of 137 x 95 mm (external measurements).
• The mold with a capacity of 2 trays has a central guide that makes it easier to cut the film between them.
• Supplied with film reel 300 meters long, Ø 160 mm and 150 mm wide.
• The maximum depth of the tray is 90 mm.

Measurements: 227 x 505 x 180 mm
Film width (mm): 150
Power (W): 450
Voltage (V): 230/1 / N - 50/60 Hz

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