Greaseproof Paper Sheets Fresh and Tasty Print (Pack of 500)

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Spice up your food presentation with this pack of 500 x 'Fresh and Tasty' greaseproof paper sheets.

The 'Fresh and Tasty' text-based print gives these greaseproof paper sheets an eye-catching, contemporary look that's sure to enhance the presentation of your burgers, chips and other fried treats. The grease-resistant material also stops the sheets from absorbing excess moisture, ensuring your customers' hands stay clean when they're enjoying their food.

The greaseproof sheets are supplied pre-cut into size too, so there's no time wasted when packaging or serving your dishes.

What Food Can I Serve On These Greaseproof Sheets?

Because they're incredibly resistant to grease, oil and moisture, these sheets are great for serving everything from meats and cheese to fish and fried goods. Whether you're wrapping food-to-go or lining serving baskets, these greaseproof paper sheets will be able to handle the job.

Are These Sheets Oven-Safe?

Yes! The sheets can be safely used in ovens at temperatures of up to 220°C for 20 minutes.

Are The Sheets Recyclable?

These sheets can be recycled if they're free from heavy soiling. Paper that's covered in oil, grease, fat or food waste won't be accepted as this soiling will contaminate the recycling process. Recycling these greaseproof sheets is a great way for you to divert waste away from landfill and do more the environment.

Product features

  • Dimensions 255(W) x 203(L)mm
  • Material Greaseproof Paper
  • Weight 20g
  • Weight - fabric 41g/m²
  • Colour Patterned
  • These sheets are made with FSC-certified paper
  • The grease-resistant properties keep hands and serving platters clean
  • The 'Fresh and Tasty' text-based pattern gives the sheets a modern look
  • The pre-cut sheets ensure consistent presentation
  • Suitable for use in ovens at temperatures up to 220°C for 20 minutes
  • These sheets are also safe for use in fridges and freezers
  • Certified food-safe
  • The sheets are recyclable if free from heavy soiling
  • These sheets are perfect for lining baskets, platters and food packaging
  • They can also be used to wrap burgers, sandwiches, cheese and more
  • Made in the UK
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