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Practical and sustainable, these Fiesta Green compostable plain 9" pizza boxes are perfect for any takeaway, pizzeria or restaurant looking for packaging that's kinder to the planet.

The corrugated construction and tight opening-tab design makes the pizza boxes strong and great at reducing heat flow. This will help to keep your pizzas protected from knocks and hotter for longer, preserving their quality until delivered to your customers. The plain design also gives you plenty of room to tag with your own branding and messaging, perfect for those wanting to create memorable advertising.

Are These Pizza Boxes Easy To Assemble?

Absolutely! The simple push-and-tuck design means the boxes can be put together in no time - so you'll never be running low on packaging during those busy services.

What Makes These Pizza Boxes Eco-Friendly?

The recycled paper and natural fibre construction. These renewable materials make the pizza boxes commercially compostable after use and kinder to the planet's natural resources. Switching to these 9" pizza boxes will therefore help you to improve your green footprint, divert waste away from landfill and appeal to more eco-conscious customers.

Can I Recycle These Boxes?

If they're covered with food, oil or grease, these boxes shouldn't be sent for recycling as these types of soiling can contaminate the process.

Product features


  • Dimensions 45(Al) x 237(An) x 237(P)mm
  • Material Cardboard
  • Weight 82.3g
  • Ideal for pizzas up to 23 (Ø) cm
    Pack de 100 uds.


  • Dimensions 46(Al) x 311(An) x 311(P)mm
  • Material Cardboard
  • Weight 97,5g
  • Ideal for pizzas up to 23 (Ø) cm
    Pack de 100 uds.


  • Dimensions 45(Al) x 358(An) x 358(P)mm
  • Material Cardboard
  • Weight 163,4g
  • Ideal for pizzas up to 23 (Ø) cm
    Pack de 50 uds.

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