Colpac Biodegradable Newspaper Print Paper Chip Cones 183mm (Pack of 1000)

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The classic, newspaper print of these Colpac chip cones offers a traditional appearance which will add a timeless style to the presentation of your chips, onion rings and other delicious fried foods. The paper material of these cones is also fully biodegradable, giving you highly sustainable and Earth-friendly serving solutions for your dishes.

These cones are also supplied flat for more space-efficient storage, helping to free up valuable room in your premises.

What Does Biodegradable Mean?

Biodegradation is the natural breakdown of materials either by microorganisms or through other biological activity. Being biodegradable does not necessarily mean a product is eco-friendly, as plastics are technically biodegradable but leave behind microplastics that harm the environment. Products we list as biodegradable, such as these chip cones, are ones that break down quickly and without damaging the planet.

Are These Chip Cones Recyclable?

Yes, because they're made from non-coated paper, these chip cones are widely accepted for recycling. However, you must make sure these chip cones are thoroughly cleaned and not covered with food, oil or grease, as this soiling can contaminate the recycling process.

Can I Serve Sauces In These Chip Cones?

As these chip cones are made with a small hole in the bottom, serving runny sauces such as gravy or curry sauce is not recommended. However, these chip cones are well suited for serving small helpings of ketchup, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise on top of your food.

Product features

  • Dimensions 180(H) x 150(Ø)mm
  • Material Pulpboard
  • Weight 1.02kg
  • The biodegradable material means these cones will break down quickly and without harming the Earth
  • These cones can also be easily recycled
  • Attractive newspaper print style
  • Ideal for chips and crepes
  • Supplied flat for space-efficient storage

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