Icemaker FD / HD140

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A small cube for high performance applications! The special shape of ice cube as given permits optimum contact with the beverage making this type of ice, ideal for high performance in cooling drinks ulna. These ice cubes are frozen on a vertical evaporator. Ice is made quickly and is therefore ideal for selling points which need high volumes of ice as fast food restaurants. The equipment is characterized by its small dimensions, allowing improving the relationship between production and surface used. However, the ice cubes as they are used as general employment in the health sector. Dice cubes are available in two different sizes to meet your specific need. Water is sprayed onto the surface of the sheet of vertical evaporator grid so that each cube is formed in a grid cell. This is the most efficient system where volume is key. The machine is compact and requires less space than a machine with a horizontal evaporator. The high level of stainless steel and higher density insulation ensure quality and optimized power consumption

Technical features Ice Cube. Large (FD): 23x23x26mm. Medium (HD). 23x11x26mm
Body: Stainless Steel AISI 304 Vertical
Evaporator Cilíndrico: special water distribution system FD / HD. The FD / HD machine produces a cube of pure crystalline ice. Think of the FD / HD machine as if it were a partner, with user-friendly design. The FD / HD modular machine produces large and medium cubes
Electromechanical Controls. Simple, easy to understand and maintain. High reliability and low cost parts
Apilable: stackable two units due to installation of a conveyor ice machines
tropicalized: Class G
Range: Air temperature: 5 - 40.. . Water temperature 5 - 35 ° C. Pressure: 0.7 to 6 bars
Ice Production Capacity: Kg / 24h at room temperature 15 ° C, water temperature 10 ° C
ISO 9001, CE Refrigerant R404

water inlet 3/4 "Gas

cube size. FD, HD
condensation system: Air - Air Water
Production: 136kg / Day - Water: 140kg / Day
Storage: 45kg
Tension: Single phase Maximum Power
Air - 710W / Water - 730W
Dimensions mm. LONG x D x H: 762 x 762 x 838 Refrigerant R404
Air 840gr - 600gr Water div> div>
Height590 mm
Width350 mm
Depth475 mm
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