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A cooking line is the key piece of equipment in an industrial kitchen. Whether you are going to open a new business or because you are remodeling or renovating your current kitchen, then we propose a series of questions to think about, which will allow you to choose the cooking line that best suits your needs


After considering the menu that you are going to offer, take a little time to think about the following:


What volume of cooking will I need during my daily service? How many meals per day will I cook? What is my operating schedule? Manufacturers generally offer three types of lines or ranges: the desktop (background 650), the background 700 and the background 900. The desktop and 700 ranges are typically suitable for smaller bars and restaurants with lower production volume. The 900 range is heavy duty and is ideal for industrial kitchens of large restaurants and hotels with a high volume of production, and therefore produce high amounts of energy for smaller cooking times. Take a look at all the machines available from our different cooking lines.


How much space do I have available for the cooking line? The machines of the different ranges usually have widths of 400mm (those of a single body) and of 800mm (those of two bodies or doubles). You will also have to think about the space available for the extraction hood, which should cover the complete cooking line.


What method of cooking will I use more often? Your answer will guide the configuration of the upper part of the cooking surfaces. Are you going to boil, simmer and stew? Do you need the kitchen with a built-in oven, do not go to cook with an oven, or do you already have one in one? Are you going to use the iron for almost everything or do you also need a barbecue? Are you going to skip and you need a wok kitchen? What are you going to fry and in what amounts?


How many burners will I need for my work volume? What types of pots and pans are we going to use? The top part of a kitchen, whether it's gas or electric, can be configured to have between 2 and 12 burners.


Why we typically use the oven? Either because you are using the oven as part of the preparation, or only to finish the product, your answer will be important to choose between a static standard base oven or a convection oven. Here you can see our range of industrial ovens.


Do you have any preference regarding the orientation of the trays? Do you prefer the gastronorm trays you use (usually GN1 / 1) placed in front along, or wide from side to side? Your preference will determine the depth and configuration of the oven base.


What type of energy source do I use in my kitchen? Do you use natural gas, butane or electric?


After answering these questions, you will be closer in the path of determining the correct cooking line for your business!


And do not forget that we will advise you with great pleasure with any questions you may have.

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