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If you have a restaurant, cafeteria or bar, it is vital that your glassware be bright and eye-catching, which demonstrates your commitment to excellence and efficiency.


Achieving this goal is easy when you have the right industrial dishwasher for your business. However, it can be a daunting task to choose the best equipment for your specific needs. But we can help you! Our team of professionals of MBH is perfectly prepared to guide you in the right direction and advise you on various aspects that should be taken into account when choosing your dishwasher or dishwasher.


An industrial dishwasher is designed to quickly and efficiently wash and rinse large glassware loads. Here are some important points to consider when deciding which model is going to be the right one for your business.


Capacity: the first and most important is that you need a machine that can meet the demand of your establishment during the peak periods, that is, how many glasses are used and should be washed per hour. The number of your local chairs and the expected customer turnover will determine the number of cups you will use at each turn.


Size: this depends on the amount of space available within the service area or bar. Ideally, you should locate your dishwasher as close as possible to the service area to minimize the time between each wash cycle and keep up with the demand. The size of the baskets of the different models of dishwashers goes mainly from 35x35 cm to 40x40 cm. You also have to see what height of glasses and dishes you use and the interior height of the machine to choose the model that allows you to wash your dishes satisfactorily. Here you can check our different models of industrial dishwashers.


Efficiency: Most commercial commercial dishwashers wash and rinse a basket full of glasses in less than two minutes. This means that the bar will always have available clean glasses ready to serve. It is a good practice to have at least two baskets per machine for an efficient washing cycle: while a basket is in the machine, the others are ready for the next cycle.


Today, new industrial dishwashers are much more efficient in the use of energy and consume less consumer products, which makes them much better in the long term than buying a second-hand model. In any case, you can click here to see our availability of used industrial dishwashers.

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