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Induction hob, easy to use and digital display, ideal for all catering kitchens, restaurants, take-away, cafes, etc. It is also suitable for catering and outdoor catering. High quality board that will provide superior performance and reliability day after day.

Induction technology is simple yet extremely effective. This is a way to cook safe, easy and portable. Designed for desktop use, add a new dimension to your kitchen. Since it is extremely efficient in energy use, reduce their electric bills.

Ideal for use in any commercial kitchen as it gives a quick, clean and controllable cooking. Induction heating in a new dynamically by a strong magnetic field created by the electricity that runs on a ceramic plate. The current generates heat any cooking utensil on the magnetic this hob. It will not work without a pan on the counter. Only cookware having a basis THERMOCORE work with induction. Glass trays will not work on induction cookers! Try it on your favorite magnet pans. If the magnet is glued to the base, they are then suitable for induction cookers.

This fab induction cooker, when high strength, robust and portable, can be almost anywhere.
Height (mm) 270 mm
Width (mm) 600 mm
Depth (mm) 600 mm
Weight (kg) 25 kg
Tipo Eléctrico

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