Icemaker GR220

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General Characteristics

Ice naturally! The optimal solution to more closely maintain freshness.
ice making machine GR granulate will give optimal cooling for a wide variety of products and applications
Displays fresh food in supermarkets , restaurants serving prepared foods, seafood conservation, cocktails, etc., are
only a few everyday examples of their applications. But also used in laboratories, in healthcare environments and in different industrial and scientific
This type of ice can maintain controlled temperatures and thus the quality of the food.
The high-grade stainless steel and suitable contact with food and higher density insulation guarantee quality with optimized energy consumption

Technical Features • Ice: ideal for containers and displays of fish, fruit and drinks
• Ice granular body. AISI 304 stainless steel
• Cylindrical Vertical Evaporator: the gearbox, the motor protection device and bearing have been designed to
provide high reliability and product life
• Electromechanical controls. the machine control is performed by timer and thermostat. Simple, easy to understand and maintain. High reliability and low cost parts
• Switch.: external On / Off switch
• Accessories: GR The machine is provided with a shovel
• Range: Air temperature: 5 - 40 Water temperature:. 5 - 35ºC Pressure 0.7 - 6 bar
• Ice Production Capacity: Kg / 24h at room temperature 15 ° C, water temperature 10 ° C
• Certification: ISO 9001, CE

• R404 refrigerant • water inlet 3/4 "Gas.
• drain Connection 20mm.
• 220V-50Hz single-phase power. / Optional: 220V-60Hz power
• Three-phase 380V-50 / 60Hz. (GR 560 / GR 560 SPLIT)

• MODEL GR220 Cube Size: L 40cc
• Condensation System: Air
• Production Kg / day * Ability. kg / min .: 220
• Storage kg .: MODULAR
• Tension. Single Phase
Height590 mm
Width350 mm
Depth475 mm
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