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Commercial meat slicer with gears

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slicer GEAR 300

(Cutting disc 300 mm)

machine built with advanced technology, using materials of first quality.

Base structure satin stainless steel and aluminum parts are anodized to prevent corrosion. The sliding of the carriage is mounted on ball bearings.

The optimal quality blade and record its speed, plus transmission gears worm shaft, ensure a perfect cut of the genre.

The control light gets doser obtain cut sections to a thickness of 16 mm approx. Sharpening the blade perfectly achieved due to the special sharpener built.

With safety device according to EC directives of the law.

LENGTH: 63 cm

HEIGHT: 43 cm

WIDTH: 51 cm

APPROX: 44 kg

MOTOR 0.4 HP / WATT: 294

Cutting height: 23 cm

cut length: 26.5 cm


phase voltage demand

Height340 mm
Width435 mm
Depth360 mm
Weight17 kg

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