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• Refrigerated tabletop display case ideal for presentation, conservation and exhibition of product.
• Its wide temperature range allows preserve different types of products to be served at the optimum temperature for consumption.
• Working temperature 0 ° C to 12 ° C.
• Ventilated cooling system.
• Thanks to the geometry of the interior, the cold distributes on all shelves keeping a homogeneous temperature inside.
• The regulation and control of the temperature is performed by electronic thermostat, van equipped with thermometer with LED type display.
• Supplied with 2 shelves adjustable in height.
• The replacement of the product is carried out using the 2 rear sliding doors.
• To increase the exposure of the product, all the cabinets have LED-type lighting.

Measurements: 700 x 452 x 654 mm
Power: 160 W
Capacity: 100 liters

Measurements: 700 x 570 x 663 mm
Power: 160 W
Capacity: 120 liters

Measurements: 885 x 570 x 663 mm
Power: 200 W
Capacity: 160 liters

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