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    ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version
    ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version
    ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version

    ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version

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    Professional ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven for latest generation kitchens.

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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      Oven with elegant and functional design to highlight your professionalism. Besides being an extraordinary work tool, it will also become a pleasant piece of decoration. It can be perfectly integrated into any rear counter and its excellent features will allow you to use it as a true visible cooking instrument to surprise your customers with your professionalism.

      The three controls allow the oven to be used in a simple and intuitive way in manual mode, reproducing, if you wish, the mode of use of a mechanical oven.

      • Automatic washing accessory 470€ + VAT on all models.

      MODEL: ICGT051E

      • Capacity: 5 x 1/1
      • Distance between guides: 70 mm
      • Dimensions: 777 x 729 x 777 mm
      • Total electrical power: 0.25 Kw

      • Total thermal power: 8.5 Kw
      • Power supply: AC 230
      • Weight - gross / net: 91/80

      MODEL: ICGT071E

      • Capacity: 7 x 1/1
      • Distance between guides: 70 mm
      • Dimensions: 777 x 729 x 942 mm
      • Total electrical power: 0.5 Kw

      • Total thermal power: 12 Kw
      • Power supply: AC 230
      • Weight - gross / net: 107/97

      MODEL: ICGT101E

      • Capacity: 10 x 1/1
      • Distance between guides: 70 mm
      • Dimensions: 777 x 729 x 1152 mm
      • Total electrical power: 0.5 Kw

      • Total thermal power: 16 Kw
      • Power supply: AC 230
      • Weight - gross / net: 124/111



      • Automatic with 95 tested and saved cooking programs, including programs for temperature recovery on the tray or on the plate.

      • Programmable with the possibility of saving 99 cooking programs in automatic sequence (up to 9 cycles) by assigning the name and the corresponding icon.

      • Manual cooking with three immediate activation cooking modes: convection from 30 ° C to 260 ° C, steam from 30 ° C to 130 ° C, combined convection + steam from 30 ° C to 260 ° C.

      • Climate - Automatic system for measuring and controlling the percentage of humidity in the cooking chamber.

      • Fast-Dry® system for rapid dehumidification of the cooking chamber (ICON51).

      • Quick selection of your favorite programs scroll & push, with dedicated scroller.


      • Alphanumeric LED displays of high visibility HVS (High Visibility System) for displaying values ​​of temperature, climate, time and temperature in the heart.

      • 2.4-inch color screen (LCD - TFT) for viewing favorite programs, preset programs, ventilation, automatic washing, menu, settings.

      • SCROLLER controls with Scroll and Push function to confirm the choices.

      • Manual preheating.


      • Autoreverse (automatic inversion of the direction of rotation of the rotor) for a perfect uniformity of cooking.

      • Automatically regulated vapor condensation (ICON51).

      • Automatic chamber vent control.

      • Manual humidifier.

      • Easy access to the user programmable parameters, to customize the equipment through the user menu.

      • 2 fan speeds, the low speed activates the reduction of the heating power. For particular cooking, the speed can be set intermittently.

      • USB connection to download HACCP data, update software and upload / download cooking programs.

      • SERVICE program: Electronic board functions test - Temperature probes display - Equipment operating hours counters for all main functions for scheduled maintenance.

      • Self-diagnosis of functional control before starting to use the equipment, with a descriptive and acoustic signal of eventual anomalies.

      • LED cooking chamber lighting.

      • EcoSpeed ​​- Based on the quantity and type of product being cooked, the oven optimizes and controls energy delivery, always maintains the correct cooking temperature and avoids oscillations.

      • EcoVapor - With the EcoVapor system, a clear reduction in water and energy consumption is obtained thanks to the automatic control of steam saturation in the cooking chamber.


      • Perfectly even and hermetic cooking chamber with rounded edges.

      • Closing door with double tempered glass, with an air gap and internal heat-reflective glass to reduce the radiation of heat towards the operator and obtain greater efficiency.

      • Internal glass with book-shaped opening for easy cleaning operation.

      • Handle with right and left opening.

      • Adjustable door hinges for optimal sealing.

      • Deflector that can be opened for easy cleaning of the fan compartment.

      • Protection against water jets IPX3 (ICON).

      • Protection against water jets IPX4 (ICON51).


      • LCS (Liquid Clean System) automatic washing system (optional), with integrated tank and automatic dosing (CombiClean liquid detergent in 100% recyclable containers. Supplied with 1 container of CDL05 liquid detergent cartridge - 990 gr.).

      • 7 automatic washing programs.


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      ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version
      ICON ALPHATECH electric direct steam oven - T version

      ICON ALPHATECH direct steam gas oven - T version

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