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ZANOLLI Electric Oven 6 Pizzas

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Even more versatile. Depending on the space available in the shop or pizzeria, you can choose Citizen Citizen Front or Long.
without losing productivity! Both versions can be with two cameras or modular, with always usable cameras in indipendiente mode, with eventual cell fermentation or base on wheels.

Measures ext. 1070x1380x430 mm
Measures int.
700x1050x160 mm maximum temperature. 400 °
Pizzas. 6 (Ø33)
Consumption max / half kW. 9.2 / 4.8
Weight. 160kg

Measures ext. 1420x1030x430 mm
Measures int. 1050x700x160 mm
Maximum temperature. 400 °
Pizzas. 6 (Ø33)
Consumption max / half kW. 8.8 / 4.6
Weight. 155kg

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