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Professional charcoal oven for 40-50 people, includes 1 stainless steel grill, 1 tongs, 1 ash shovel, 1 charcoal poker and 1 metal brush to clean the grill. Does not include the hat filter, the external firewall, and the upper draft regulator.

Our charcoal ovens are made of top quality steel and lined with insulating materials that optimize the use of coal and reduce heat radiation. The design of the inner chamber favors the recirculation of the air, guaranteeing a homogeneous distribution of the heat and a greater yield of the combustible material. They allow working with a temperature range of between 250ºC and 350ºC to provide us with a homogeneous cooking response throughout the service.

Our equipment is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We offer tabletop ovens or, if you opt for a mobile solution, we offer fixed tables or tables with wheels for easy transport of the ovens.

With an exclusive design, the Pujadas charcoal ovens come in 3 sizes and 5 colours.


Closed grills offer us the possibility of cooking food in a closed space. By controlling the air flow that enters the oven, we can control the cooking temperature, as well as the concentration of smoke inside the oven, allowing us to control the smoking of food to give a very characteristic flavor.

  • Security spark arrester.
  • Higher grilling chamber.
  • Increased number of tracks for the grill.
  • Sunken charcoal hopper.
  • Made of premium steel.
  • Coated with insulating materials that optimize the use of coal and reduce heat radiation.
  • Adjustable air inlet and smoke outlet with multiple adjustment positions.
  • Internal spark arrester for added security.
  • Sunken hopper to make better use of the space in the oven.
  • Higher lid height allows for several grills and spacious cooking.
  • Greater number of guides to fix the grill at various heights.
  • 5 colors to choose for the front.
  • The use of charcoal as fuel is recommended.
  • Door and ash drawer handle made of tubular stainless steel for best insulation.


  • Dimensions (mm): 620x700x555
  • Grill (mm): 585x385
  • Production (Kg/h): 30
  • Cooking temperature (ºC): 250-350
  • Power (kW): 4
  • Consumption per day (Kg): 10-12
  • Coal load (Kg): 5
  • Weight (Kg): 130


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Height (mm) 700 mm
Width (mm) 555 mm
Depth (mm) 620 mm

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