Large industrial charcoal ovens

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With the oven grill will save up to 40% carbon compared to traditional grills and win long as it will cook up to 35% faster than on a barbecue open. Thanks to the unique design of your grill and grease trap system never any flames inside the oven and the food does not burn. In addition, the ash is collected in the bottom drawer, facilitating the cleaning process.
coal ovens are built with high quality materials and finishes that will bring a touch of design to your professional kitchen. They are made of cast steel and fully insulated to prevent heat escapes. Thus, br /> Equipped with one standard grill and grill one grooved (both in stainless steel), and poker clamp for coal

Measures ext. 900x790x900 cm
Yield: 90 kg / h equivalent
Power: 5.5 kW
temperature range. 250 ° C ~ 350 ° C
Consumption: 12 to 16 kg / day
Autonomy: 9h
coal load: 4 kg
Net weight. 244 kg

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