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MyChef Bake Max Master electric ovens 600 x 400

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The ideal combined oven for pastry chefs and bakers looking to obtain an excellent result in each preparation.

Easily manage and control your BAKE MAX MASTER ovens. Equipped with an LED display with an intuitive design, they are capable of achieving high-quality cooking with maximum precision. Customize the oven parameters by selecting humidity, temperature, time or probe and turbine speed to ensure that your cooking is perfect. With the quick access memories it is possible to save your most common cooking programs and execute them automatically. In addition, you can save up to 40 different cooking programs.

Standard equipment

  • 3 cooking modes:
  1. Convection (from 30º to 260ºC)
  2. Mixed: convection + steam (from 30º to 260ºC)
  3. Saturated steam (from 30º to 130ºC)
  • SmartWind. Faster and totally homogeneous cooking thanks to the intelligent system for managing the direction of rotation and the 4 speeds of the turbines
  • MultiSteam. Patented double steam injection technology, 5 times denser and faster than traditional boiler or direct injection systems
  • Dry Out Plus. Active extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber thanks to its low pressure technology. Crispy and golden ultra-fast and perfect
  • MyCare. automatic cleaning system
  • Automatic cooldown. Ultra-fast and safe cooling for MyCare cleaning
  • Automatic preheat. ultra-fast preheating
  • 40 Programs + 3 cooking phases in each program
  • Multi-program keyboard. 7 direct access programs
  • Single point internal probe
  • manual regeneration
  • Easy clean L guides
  • Led screen
  • Visual and acoustic cooking end signaling
  • LED lighting Minimum consumption and maximum duration
  • Low-emissive, hinged, easy-to-clean double-glazed door
  • High-resistance cooking chamber in AISI 316L stainless steel with rounded edges, completely welded, with drain and integrated siphon
  • Handle and plastic components with antibacterial treatment
  • IPX5 protection against splashes and jets of water
  • Drain cooling. Cools the outlet water avoiding possible damage to the pipes
  • Tray trolley 600×400 included. Capacity 16 trays 600×400 and distance between guides of 85mm, made of AISI 316L stainless steel

*Consult for options:

  • TSC (Thermal Stability Control). It ensures maximum thermal stability with hardly any oscillations at low temperatures (±0.2ºC).
  • Left hand door opening
  • (1) Voltage 230/3L/50-60

Product Details

  • Tray capacity 60 x 40: 16
  • Weight: 311 Kg
  • External dimensions: 893 x 1018 x 1923mm
  • Recommended for (n) baguettes per hour (weight 250 g, length 54 cm): 240
  • Recommended for (n) croissants per hour (weight 85 g, length 10 cm): 300
  • Distance between guides: 85 mm
  • Electric Power: 34.7 kW
  • Supply voltage: 400/3L+N/50-60 (1)
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